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Travellers are now turning to online travel agents and portals to book their flights or hotel, it’s an easy and straight forward transaction. However, when you book a cruise, particularly your first cruise, you may want to reconsider the drive to book it yourself through a cruise line website or an online advertiser with cheap prices. This DIY approach may not be the best way to find the best cruise deal for you and the information about deck plans, destinations, excursions etc maybe limited.

The stark reality is that it’s not that simple to book a cruise and you will need a cruise specialist who can answer the questions you may have that aren’t answered online.

That’s where The Cruise Centre UK become the go to cruise specialists because our experiences, expertise and all round knowledge can help you avoid mistakes, whether you are a first-timer or a repeat cruiser. We can help you understand the nuances of a cruise booking and help you make the right decisions for your holiday.

When you book a cruise, you are making a decision that goes beyond a simple flight or hotel stay. Most decisions on ships will determine your dining and evening entertainment choices for the duration of your holiday. The cruise itinerary impacts the destinations you’ll visit and excursions that will be available to you. It can be overpowering when evaluating the options on your own if you’ve never cruised before. In addition, cruise fares can be hard to understand and compare.

You may see a price listed online without the port charges, taxes and fees which you only see after you give your personal details. Also, the price of your cruise includes accommodations, meals, entertainment and activities and in some cases drinks, tips and shore excursions, Wi-Fi and other extras. There’s a lot bundled into some fares and not as much with other and The Cruise Centre UK can help determine what your cruise fare gets you.

When booking your cruise holiday, you will be asked to pick a specific cabin, dining preferences and excursions. Making a mistake can ruin your cruise experience, as there are such thing as “bad” cabins and dining times.

If you enjoy doing your own research, focus on what to do and see in the ports of call. Read about different ships, cruise lines and itineraries. However, when it comes to booking the cruise, The Cruise Centre UK, headed by a CLIA UK Cruise Master who is at the top of their industry, is the place to go.

We are asked questions all the time and here are a few and the answers we give.

How often do you cruise?
Our CLIA UK Cruise Master goes on several cruises a year and does numerous ship visits throughout the year.

Have you cruised on the line I am considering?
Our expertise covers P&O, Cunard, Celebrity, Princess, Azamara, Royal Caribbean, MSC and Holland America.

Do you have personal knowledge about the cruise destination or the itinerary?
In many instances, we have personal knowledge of most of the destinations in The Med, Caribbean and Europe and we are currently developing our knowledge on river cruises.

Do you have a a preferred relationship or negotiated agreement with any specific lines that could lead to special perks for you?
No. We are completely and totally independent and work for the benefit of our customers, we want you to return and book again.

Do you offer 24 hour assistance in the event of an emergency?
We have a 24 hour concierge service on selected cruise lines, destinations and itineraries. We are proud of this service and it’s a market leader.

In summary, booking a cruise is a complex process and The Cruise Centre UK will guide you through choosing your cabin and dining times, deposits and final payment and options through to choosing shore excursions and specialty dining preferences. If you need to cancel your cruise, we can help you through the refund process.

You’ll have a lot less stress before and during your cruise holiday when you book through The Cruise Centre UK.

All our cruises come with 100% financial protection so our customers can relax and look forward to their trip knowing that their money is protected.

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