Secrets about cruise holidays you need to be aware of

By The Cruise Specialist

Cruise holidays are popular among travellers looking for a luxurious and all-inclusive holiday experience. While the industry promotes the perks and amenities of cruising, there are some secrets that the industry doesn’t want you to know.

Here are secrets about cruise holidays that you need to be aware of.

Hidden Fees – Although cruise holidays are all-inclusive, there are some additional fees that are not advertised. These fees can be for onboard activities, drinks, and gratuities, among others. It’s important to read the fine print and know what you’re paying for.

Cabin Location – The location of your cabin can have a significant impact on your experience. Cabins located near the engine room or the ship’s nightclub can be noisy and impact your sleep quality.

Cruise Ship Size – The size of the ship can affect the level of service and the quality of the experience. Smaller ships provide a more personalised experience, while larger ships can feel overcrowded.

Cruise Ship Age – Older ships may lack modern amenities and have outdated decor. It’s important to research the age of the ship before booking.

Onboard Illnesses – Cruise ships can be a breeding ground for illnesses such as norovirus. It’s important to take precautions such as washing your hands regularly and using hand sanitiser.

Safety Procedures – Cruise ships have safety procedures in place, but they may not always be communicated effectively. It’s important to attend the mandatory safety drills and familiarise yourself with the ship’s layout.

Port Fees – The industry often promotes the idea of visiting multiple destinations, but the fees associated with port visits may be not included in the price of the cruise.

Hidden Discounts – Cruise lines often offer discounts for repeat customers, military personnel, and other groups. It’s important to ask about these discounts before booking.

Onboard Internet – The cost of onboard internet can be expensive, and the quality of the service may not be reliable.

Environmental Impact – Cruise ships can have a significant impact on the environment, including air and water pollution. It’s important to consider the environmental impact before booking a cruise.

While cruise holidays can be a fantastic way to travel and experience new destinations, it’s important to be aware of these 10 secrets that the industry doesn’t want you to know. By being informed and doing your research, you can ensure that you have the best possible experience on your cruise holiday. That’s why calling us today, the leading cruise specialist in North Wales, will help you find the right deal.

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